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Night Action off Mindoro by Jack Fellows
Night Action off Mindoro
by Jack Fellows
Height: 22”
Width: 28”
Framed/Unframed: unframed
Medium: Oil
Support: panel
Copyright Date: 1997
Price: $7,500.00


On 27 December 1944, this radar-equipped night intruder from the Fifth USAAF’s Sixty-third Bomb Squadron, Forty-third Bomb Group attacked and sank the Imperial Japanese Navy Yugumo-class destroyer, Kiyoshimo, off the Philippine island of Mindoro before the Kiyoshimo could attack the U.S. Navy’s nearby invasion fleet. This B-24M Liberator was piloted by S.L. Flinner, who skirted a squall line en route and found Mindoro’s night sky lit by shells and flares. As the B-24 dropped it’s bombs, it too was struck. One shell exploded in the tail turret and shrapnel bloodied the gunner, H. Ebert; the other pierced the midsection behind the waist gunner cutting rubber cables and splattering the fuselage with holes. Flinner and his crew were credited with the destroyer.


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