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Iwo Jima the Liferaft by Jack Fellows
Iwo Jima the Liferaft
by Jack Fellows

A limited edition giclee print on archival paper
Edition: 199 copies and 10 artist’s proofs
Overall print dimensions: 24’’ x 30’’
Printed image dimensions: 18.5’’ x 24’’
Print is signed and numbered by the artist.

Limited Edition: $185 + S&H $14 U.S. / $45 International

Shipping & Handling Included


Description of Event: The vicious battle that gave the Allies control of two Iwo Jima and the bombing range of the B-29 “Superfortress” proved pivotal to hastening the war’s end. P-51 Mustangs had the range to fly cover for B-29s by launching from Iwo Jima, which also provided an emergency landing site for the heavy bombers returning to their bases in the Marianas. The B-29 Superfortress is remembered as the most devastating U.S. weapon, the aircraft that dropped two atomic weapons to end the war that for all intents and purposes had already ended, yet promised to threaten the lives of thousands of Allied servicemen were they to still invade the fanatically defended Japanese home islands.

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